Ulario's Closet (Fashion Design Commissions)

Need a custom outfit for your character? With only a few prompt words, I can design clothes for your character. This can range from a single outfit to a complete wardrobe.

You can choose to have your clothing drawn on a default mannequin base or a custom created base of your own character!



(Default Mannequin Front and Back.)


(One Outfit, "My Character" Custom Base. Front View Only)



("My Character" Custom Base. Two different outfits)



Status for these commissions:  OPEN!


The Process

  • Fill out the form at the link below.
  • Wait for me to approve your form.  I will send you a Paypal invoice.
  • Pay the invoice.
  • I will begin working on the commission and will send you a completed picture within the time limit that I give you in the invoice (usually a week or less).
  • The outfit will be uploaded to my galleries!



Rules of Usage

  • This type of commission adheres to the same TOS as my other commissions.
  • You may use this design for almost any purpose. Including, but not limited to roleplay, drawing pictures of, commissioning other artists to draw, writing stories about, and using as a outfit for your fursona.
  • These designs are for personal use only! If you want to use them for commercial purposes, then you need to change the design at least 70% OR purchase a license for commercial use! Let me know what changes you want made to the character.  If everything looks good, approve the sketch.
  • Please credit me when the design is used whenever possible.
  • These designs may not be resold!
  • Do not submit the form if you do not intend to pay! If you do this several times, I may blacklist you from my commissions!

If you do not get a paypal invoice from me within 48 hours, please contact me and let me know that you didn't get it! Not contacting me about this will make me believe that you're just being a deadbeat buyer!


Payment is expected in full before I begin working! Please do not fill out a form unless you can pay within a week.

Please do not fill out a form if you don't intend to pay at all! It wastes both my time and yours. If you do not pay your invoice within a week without contacting me to make arrangements, then I will consider you a non-paying client. If you do not pay, then I have the right to draw the prompt anyways and auction off the design to somebody else. If you fill out a form and don't pay twice, then you will be blacklisted from any commission services that I offer.




The Fashion Design Commission Form