Artwork Copyrights

  • All artwork on this site and linking galleries are copyrighted Traci Vermeesch unless stated otherwise.
  • You may print a copy of the artwork for personal use, such as hanging it in your locker or room.
  • You may download any artwork for your personal collections or use as a desktop wallpaper.
  • You may not use the artwork for any type of personal financial gain unless it is commissioned for that specific purpose and a contract has been agreed on by both parties.
  • Unless it is a picture that you have commissioned or you have received written permission from the artist, you may not use the artwork for personal projects even if it is not for any monetary value.  Including but not limited to trading cards,  YouTube videos, publications or website banners.
  • Unless it is a commission or character you have purchased, do not crop images and use them as your avatar on other sites.
  • You may not post my artwork on your websites without permission.  Permission will not be given for commissioned work or artwork of my personal characters or alien species.
  • If it is artwork that you have commissioned, then you are free to post the low res version with copyright information on your websites as long as credit is given to the artist.  This includes gallery sites such as DeviantArt and FurAffinity.
  • Proper credit should be given to Ulario on DeviantArt, UlarioGryphon on FurAffinity or to my personal website,

Personal Character Usage

  • All personal characters are copyrighted Traci Vermeesch unless stated otherwise.
  • I love fanart!  You don’t have to ask if you can draw fanart of my characters.  Just follow the rules and show me what you’re done!
  • No pornographic pictures of my personal characters should be drawn.  Tasteful nudity may be allowed if it fits the character, but please ask before drawing my characters nude.
  • My personal characters should not be used for any purpose that promotes hate.
  • My personal characters should not be used for personal financial gain!  The exception would be if I have commissioned you and you’d like to sell a few prints of the commission.  Credits for the picture written on the back of the print would be appreciated.
  • “Shipping” or romantically pairing two characters who do not share such a romance in the Azure wheel canon is not allowed.  Nor is drawing my chaarcters in a romantic relationship with your own. I don’t care if you’d think they’d make a ‘cute couple’, please respect my universe’s canon, the canon relationships and my characters sexuality (or lack thereof)
  • You may ask to commission me to draw my own characters for you.  However, keep in mind that any commissions that I do of my own characters must fit their canon.  I will not draw my characters in relationships with yours, change anything about them for the sake of a commission or draw them doing something that they would not normally do.
  • You may not ask or commission other artists to draw my characters without my permissions.
  • If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use my character’s likeness in any form!

Azure Wheel Galaxy Usage

  • The Azure Wheel Galaxy and all alien species in it are copyrighted Traci Vermeesch.
  • You may make “fan characters” out of my alien species that are labeled as an open species.  Just follow the rest of the rules.
  •  Any species that are labeled “closed species” (Ultimarians, Spaceborn and any of the Theran species) are not available for you to make fan characters out of unless I have given you specific permission.  Use of these species is a gift that I give my close friends.
  • Any alien or animal species that have been based on an adoptable that I have purchased will forever be a closed species with no chance of ever opening to the public out of respect for the person that I had purchased the design from.  It would not be right to let dozens of that species running around after I have purchased said species that was designed by someone else.
  • You may not make up new planets, locations, animals or alien species for the Azure Wheel Galaxy!  Period.

Adoptables and Character Design Usage

  • Any adoptable or character design commissions purchased from Traci Vermeesch comes with limited rights.
  • By purchasing one of my adopts, you are agreeing to follow these rules.
  • These purchased characters are for your personal use.  You are free to change anything you want about them, give them a backstory, write stories about them, use them for roleplay, draw pictures of them, commission others to draw them, etc etc…
  • You may not purchase a character design or adoptable with the sole reason of killing them off in a single snuff or vore picture!  Just to be clear... I'm okay with you using my adoptables as one shot characters... such as a one scene cameo in your comic.  Hell, I'm even perfectly okay with you killing off one of my adoptable characters as long as they've been properly used in a story beforehand.  However, I am not okay with you buying them with intentions of just using them in one picture by killing them off for pure fetish fuel. 
  • You may not purchase a character and use it for nothing but strange fetish pictures.  Not only is it awkward to stumble on a gallery of a character that I have designed being used for nothing but hardcore porn with lots of odd fetishes, but the design is still attached to my name and potential employers can stumble on it.  It has happened before and made me feel really uncomfortable seeing how a design that I put so much time and love into was being used.  Adoptables used for this purpose adopted prior to 2015 will not be taken away since this rule was not in place then, but I still have the right to not sell any more adoptables to those who have broken this rule.
  • Please give credit for the design when it is used.
  • You may not use these characters for personal financial gain!  I’m okay with you using the character to sell a few prints or what not, but they are not to be used in commercial projects (anything you plan on selling more than 50 copies of) unless you have convinced me that the design has changed over 70% or a commercial license is purchased for the character.
  • You can use the character for pretty much everything else.
  • If you break these rules, then I have all rights to ban you from every adoptable or character design service that I offer. 
  • Purchased adopts cannot be resold.  You may give them to a friend if you no longer want them, but they cannot be resold or traded for any type of currency.
  • Purchased adopts cannot be refunded.
  • Breaking my rules means that you have chosen not to read or follow my rules.In severe cases of rule breaking, I have the right to take a design from you without issuing a refund.  I will only do this in extreme cases.  In the case of using the character for nothing but a mountain of strange fetish art or commercial usage, I will issue a cease and desist warning first.  If the character is immediately killed off in a fetish/vore/snuff picture, then there will be no warning because if you did this, then you obviously didn’t want the design to begin with and you’re not worthy of it