Space Art

A beautiful illustration of a spacescape. The base price includes one simple planet (rocky, barren or desert).

Base Price: $85

  • Substitute the "simple planet" for a gas giant for $10.
  • Substitute the “Simple planet” for a terran (earthlike) planet for $25.
  • Add Saturn-like rings to any planet for $15
  • If you’d like more than one planet or moons in your picture, contact me with your ideas so we can work something out!




Every fantasy world needs a map! I can make Tolkien-like maps for your own fantasy world! The price starts at $85 for a city or country but for an extra fee I can do larger areas, such as continents or even an entire world! Expect planet sized maps to run at least $100.

Star Maps

I am able to make maps of solar systems! The base price includes a star, a detail shot of one planet and a nebula background and up to five planets!

Base Price: $100

  • Extra planets are $3 each.
  • Extra suns are $5 each.
  • Add an extra $8 for asteroid belts.
  • Complicated maps with lots of oddball orbits will cost extra.