Basically, everything about the character is randomly generated:
- I use a random generator to select an animal at complete random from a list I have of over 400 animals.
- I then use a word generator to randomly generate three words as an inspiration for the character.
- The buyer can choose what gender they want or it can be selected at random.
- Accessories, animal companions and weapons are also generated at random.
- I even use a name generator to come up with the character's name.

This type of design commission isn't for everyone, of course. But it is for people who would like a total surprise!
It's even a surprise for myself since I don't know what I'll be drawing until I run the generators. It's a ton of fun for me to do because the designs can get really creative.

The Fine Print:
My standard adoptable rules apply.
I try to finish them within a few days of ordering them.
Must be paid for immediately after submitting the form (After submitting, there's a link to where you pay VIA Paypal). If I do not receive payment from you within an hour of the form being submitted, I will discard your form.
No refunds, no preliminary sketches, no revisions. No exceptions.

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