Character Sheet Commissions


Character sheets are a relatively popular selling commission item from me.  Unfortunately, trying to get the proper information I need for them from clients can be like pulling teeth sometimes.


$120 Each

If you are planning on purchasing a character sheet commission from me, be prepared to have the following information on hand as I won't even accept payment until you send me the following info:

*  General Character Statistics (Full Name, Species, Gender, Height, Weight, Occupation, Personality, Likes and Dislikes)

*  A brief history about your character (Not too long, please... I can't fit a novel on the sheet)

*  A "Fun Fact" about your character.  This is a little box that goes under the color scheme to take up space and should be no more then a small paragraph long.

*  Any accessories your character uses.  Clothing, Jewelry, Weapons, Etc.

*  Some brief information about your character's body type and face.

*  Any important information about your character you'd like pointed out on the sheet.

*  Suggestions for four facial expressions.  If you don't have any specific idea for these, I can always come up with them myself.  :)

A few notes about Character Sheets

- If you live in a non-English speaking country I CAN provide an English version  and a version of your sheet in another language for an extra $10 provided that you provide the translations for the Non-English versions yourself.  Bilingual sheets (Two languages on one sheet) are not recommended as the text gets too long.

- On special request, I can substitute either the head, accessories, or body boxes for another information box of your choice (Height chart, Wing details, etc)