Commercial Work!


Standard commissions are copyright Traci Vermeesch-Vezina and may not be used for commercial purposes as is.  This includes character designs!!!

If you would like to use a commission purchased from her in any commercial project you must first either purchase rights to the image or lease rights to the image.

The price for purchasing or leasing rights is dependant on the type of commission and project that it will be used for, but expect to pay between 400%-1000% of the cost of the commission to lease the rights for it.


While specializing in illustration, Traci has also had formal training in graphic design so she is also available for creating flyers, logos, and page layouts.


All commercial and design work by Traci are lovingly hand crafted to give your business a unique look.  No cookie-cutter logos from a design mill here!  I have researched different Graphic Design firms to make sure my prices are competitive with them.


Logo designs start at $275

Flyers start at $150

Business Card Designs start at $150


If you are interested in having some Graphic Design work done for you, then contact the artist.