Comic Commissions!

Want your story and characters brought to live through sequential art?



Comic commissions are $80 a page with options for adding a cover for an extra $100 and having a printed release of your comic.  (See Below).  Turnaround time for comic commissions are about a week per page, but it usually takes less time then that.


Scripts (Important!)

If you are considering getting a comic commission from me, please have a script for your comic on hand.  Your script may be easy to comprehend and easy for me to tell which text belongs to which panel.  A good example of what a script should look like can be seen here


A page should have no more then five or six panels.  Please keep text to a minimum since a little text goes a long way.  Too much text can make the comic look crowded.  Remember, the more panels the smaller they will be and the smaller the panel the less text I can comfortably fit.


If you don't want to write the script yourself then I can write it for you for an extra $20 per page.



Printed Comic Package

For those people who want an actual physical copy of their comic to hold and read! 


The Printed Comic Package starts at $575 and includes six full color pages, a front cover, one printed copy and shipping to anyplace in the world.




Extras and Add-Ons You can Order for This For this Package Include: