Coloring Styles 

I now offer two types of coloring styles for my commissions. This page is to help clients determine what style would be best for their commission.


Basic Coloring:


This comes standard with all commissions that are colored. It contains basic shading with PaintTool sai.

Cost: Free with colored commissions




Radiant Coloring:

Radiant coloring is a lot more bright and shiny with a slight texture to the shading. It brings out the colors a lot more than the basic coloring and provides for very pretty pictures. However, it does take me quite a bit longer to complete than basic coloring, so there is an extra fee attached to it.

If you want radiant coloring for your commission, you need to specify that you want it at the time of ordering. You can also bring it up any time before I begin the shading stage of your commission. If you'd like radiant coloring added after shading has begun, then it will be an extra fee on top of that.

Cost: An extra 50% of your total commission price.