Commission Terms of Service




These are the terms of buying a commission from me, and by requesting a commission and sending payments, you agree to be held to these terms of service.  Please make sure that you have read and understand these rules because if you do not, you have no right to complain that something on my TOS comes up that you do not like.


What you can expect from me:
I hold myself to a high level of professionalism when it comes to working on commissions.  I will always complete my commission to the best of my ability and will work with you to represent your characters and ideas as well as I can humanly possible.  I will respect your wishes and try to make your experience with me a pleasant one.

Etiquette and What I Expect From You:

“Adult Art”



Reference Pictures

The Commission Process



Thumbnail Packs


Cancelling a Commission

The Artist’s Rights

If you do not want me to post your pictures to my online galleries, then it will be an extra fee of 30% of the final commission price.  I respect that you don’t want me to post the art of your characters… but please respect the fact that I want to show the work that I have done.

If any issue is not addressed here, please ask me.