Fursuit Commissions

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    3D Printed Heads
    Start at $600

    Fursuit heads with a 3D printed base are vertatile and durable. With these heads I can do either a toony or realistic style. Included with the price is an articulated jaw with teeth and a fabric tongue for toony heads or a silicone tongue for realistic. The eyes on realistic suits are hand painted acrylic eyes with tear duct vision while the toony suits have 3D printed eyes follow-me effect. They are roomy heads with enough room to fit a pair of glasses or install a fan. As part of my personal style, all heads include airbrushing and hand painted detailing.

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    Foam Heads
    Start at $500

    Foam head bases are uniquely sculpted from upholstry foam and include your choice of 3D printed "follow me" eyes or static 2D eyes. They also include hand sculpted teeth and a fabric tongue. These heads are a little more form fitting than the 3D printed head so there usually isn't room for a pair of glasses. As part of my personal style, all heads include airbrushing and hand painted detailing.

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    Start at $800

    I can create plantigrade bodysuits or padded digitigrade suits.

    Note: I am currently closed for bodysuit commissions until I can get my work space better situated!

  • Other Parts

    I can also make other parts to complete your fursuit. Due to the cost of buying and shipping fur, I won't make these parts individually. They must be ordered as part of a partial or full suit.

    ☆ Regular Handpaws $150+
    ☆ Puffy Paws $200+
    ☆ Hoof-hands $200+
    ☆ Wing-Arms $200+
    ☆ Poof Tails $100+
    ☆ Knee-Length Tails $130+
    ☆ Knee To Ankle Length Tails $200+
    ☆ Floor Dragger Tails $300+
    ☆ Arm Sleeves $125+
    ☆ Indoor Feet $250+
    ☆ Outdoor Feet $225+

  • Don't see what you want?

    I am willing to try new things! Just keep in mind that some techniques may be experamental since I haven't done them before. Just ask and I'll see what I can do. Some techniques I'd be willing to try include:
    ☆ Detatchable Wings
    ☆ Glasses
    ☆ Extensive padding on bodysuits
    ☆ Removable Eyelids
    ☆ Piercings